Child Welfare

Our fundamental conviction regarding CSR goals for societal advancement is aiding children in finding their smile again.

We incessantly work towards providing better education and educational facilities by developing the education infrastructure for disadvantaged children.

We strictly abide by our own guidelines and always uphold standards for child welfare. We have made a small effort by ensuring wholesome meals for 6000+ children in more than 50 schools through the Mid-Day Meal Scheme.

Social Welfare

As part of ensuring communities’ well-being and upliftment, we constantly endeavour to support initiatives on health & hygiene.

We continually make humble efforts towards ensuring better medical facilities for the local communities by building better infrastructure in various village level PHC’s (Primary Health Centres) by providing state of the art medical equipment, oxygen generator plants, ambulance facilities and upkeep of the PHC’s.

We work closely with various medical agencies to regularly conduct health camps in urban, rural and tribal areas to lead them towards for a better tomorrow. Under the program of restoration of vision, we support eye camps and cataract surgeries at the community level


At Cohance, we believe that caring for people entails caring for our ecosystem. Safeguarding the environment is our primary responsibility as Cohancer’s.

We realise the environmental risks that come with operating a global business, so we’ve set ambitious long-term environmental sustainability goals for absolute reductions in CO2 emission, wastewater generation and spillages, and striving for zero waste to landfill at our hotspots. Our constant endeavour is to find ways to reduce power consumption and ensure sustainable development in all the areas possible.