Environmental, Health, and Safety

The Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) systems and procedures of Cohance are at the heart of our operating philosophy. As part of our business ethos and work culture, the significance of EHS is consistently emphasised and widely promoted. Our EHS framework enables the construction of a secure, healthy working environment for our personnel, third-party vendors, and the communities in which we operate.


At Cohance we aim to drive efficient use of energy and natural resources, reduce waste and protect biodiversity

Water and Energy Management

Organisation deploys systematic program to reduce water consumption by continuous process and technology improvement by design and efficient water management. EHS and technical operations team are continuously engaged in recycle of water in all operations. We run dedicated energy program at each site ,wherein systematically energy utilisation, losses are measured and efficient equipment are used to minimise energy losses. Loss of thermal energy and water is minimised by having best in class condensate recovery and boiler efficiency system.

Waste Management

Our R&D and technical teams are focused on reducing waste at the source by practising “quality by design” approach during development and by adopting continuous improvement programs. Our major plants have best in class Effluent Treatment Plants with Zero Liquid Discharge facilities to treat liquid waste. All the gaseous waste are absorbed in highly efficient wet scrubbers. Solid waste are disposed responsibly with the help of specialised partners.

Health & Safety

At Cohance we aim to create a safe environment for our employees and communities by investing in infrastructure, creating best in class systems and building a safety-first culture

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